When I was a young kid of 2 years old, my father used to be a handworker at an energycentre driven by coals, everyday he biked, with a normal bike, no gears or electric, 80 km to earn his rent and bread to take care of his family.
He was a very good welder, welding ships in the 1940s after World War II, so he welded his complete furniture himself.
This is the environment that I grew up in, where we had to work for our own money to survive. It was not easy, but we were able to do it!

When I was 5 years old, my parents saved a lot in those days, and they were able to buy a new car, a Renault 4, I remember it very well, from those days on we were more flexible than ever before. We used to go out with friends and play together, which was really fun.
My father had the opportunity to change job, much closer by now, so he could have a better life. But I had nice dreams, of looking good, having nice branded toys and clothes, and being happy. I wanted to be like that person who always has something cool for, so I dreamed just become rich.

I started working at my age of 13 and my first job was the bring 7500 leaflets around in the area were we lived, this was for a special market survey on the opinion of people regarding the renovation project of our living area, so I had to go twice and the second time, as a little kid of 12 years old, I had to ring the doorbell and ask for the leaflets return and picked them up again.
This first job brought me so much money, so I was very happy and satisfied with it. After that I have all kinds of jobs and I started studying marketing and Technology and that caught me just become rich.

After my college I started working as an Area Sales / Project Manager, Trading Spare Parts for huge Marine Engines and that fired me really up, to just become rich and do nice jobs and traveling around the world. So also I wanted to be an Entrepreneur, my mom and dad were always against it, they have been working for the Government almost all there live. So they could not support me. my wife could and would not support me, always telling me I am not good enough to be entrepreneur and had to take care for my family. But I always have felt that I could do it, just become rich.

So I learned the hard way, started companies, trade a little, topped. Started new company, went bankrupt. Worked in jobs in between, was Project Manager for a 20 Million Euro, which was part of a Project of a Billion, traveling around the world, for customer StatOil and ENI, building a floating Oil Exploration Platform to operate in the Northern Ice sea, a very has environment. In the meantime a had noticed all start-ups like Click bank, every body told me, that’s nothing, Oh God, why nobody ever supported me. If I had persevered, I was multi-millionaire by now. But it was not for me in those days.

Now we are 15 years later, I am 57 years young, still have the Power as I was 25, now I can be for myself, stronger than ever, now I will persevere and nobody can stop me, so the story of my life where I always, have been for other people, I decide to name my website JustBecomeRich.com, because this is my dream plus I want to help all other people in the world also, Just Become Rich. Now you really have the time to Just become Rich and with this website we really will support you with all means we can.