With Chiron now in Aries, you can learn to accept who you are.

With Chiron now in Aries until 2027, the coming years will bring a period of intense and life-changing growth. This powerful transit is significant because it’s associated with the greatest wound of all: the wound of identity. It’s about understanding who we are, exploring our individuality and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable so that we can find our true selves.

We may not be aware of it from day one, but we all carry within us a deep wound related to our identity. As infants, we don’t have much of an identity yet; we simply absorb what our parents tell us and do as they do. But as children, we start forming our own individual personalities and discovering how different we are from those around us. Our parents can help us feel secure in expressing ourselves by acknowledging this difference and encouraging our uniqueness – however, in some cases they can stifle or suppress it without meaning to.

The key to unlocking the deeper meaning of Chiron transits is learning to accept these broken parts of ourselves as part of who we are. By allowing them to exist, alongside the positive traits that make up who we are on the outside and inside, self-realization becomes possible. The stars aligned for us to be here today – so why not take advantage of this opportunity? Letting go of shame allows us to discover exactly what makes us unique while connecting with others on a much deeper level than before.

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