Opportunity’s Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies

Opportunity’s with Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies.

Today I want to talk about some of the opportunities that are available in the market of just become rich.

Until this week I have been very busy with building my website and getting traffic through my website, Facebook and Instagram of Justbecomerich.com. During my work with a new lead my website brough me a real reference, it was my first reference connected in the wealthy affiliates, that brought me a great feeling and was a huge achievement.

In the days after I came in contact with  two brokers of bitcoins and this meetings were eye opening, because my feeling still was telling me that I need to be very careful with the whole trading in bitcoins,


even it was a no go for me till this week.

This was caused by my experience with a particularly good friend of mine, which used a platform from the Philippines, lost a lot of money, due to their bankruptcy of that platform. Talking to my friend I understood there was also a kind of  hierarchy which is normally forbidden by law, but often used in a hidden way, so it is not absolutely clear to members, it is this kind of organisation which led to the bankruptcy.

Trading in bitcoins now is in first instance was very weak trend, to think about my fairy tale story until the rest wished her  in bitcoins. NOW AT THIS MOMENT THE digital currency market has very good chances just become rich or just become rich, so for all people exactly the right deal with small amounts of money, like 250 euro or 300 euro,  you can build your own feeling in trading. In this way earn real money in two weeks’ time fill by trading bitcoins, grow an account that works automatically. So you can make good money in this program 3 5% every day on your capital so in a month time, you can win 100% return on investment and that of course now, you can earn your  income to this in bitcoin.

Analyst of the money trading markets are incredibly positive, say bullish, about the developments of the Bitcoin currency. Due to the fact of the market it could happen that the Bitcoin value will rise till 17000 USD from the actual level of almost 12000 USD.

But of course you have a lot of digital currency, next to your bitcoins there are even more then 1600 digital currencies. Maybe even over 4000 digital currencies even our own Dutch government is now,  at the moment, they are researching in depth a currency of their own. This news just came in this morning.  It is the second Saturday that I read the news. I read online and now was incredibly surprised.

From Newsbit we got the following news.

Bitcoin appears to be consolidating after a rejection hit its annual high of $ 13,850.


Analysts are extremely bullish

The cryptocurrency has not been able to produce a rally strong enough to break this multi-year resistance level. Due to the considerable sales pressure, it may therefore be the case that the price increase will stop here for a while.


Despite the short-term trend being somewhat unclear, there is no doubt that Bitcoin’s macro trend is becoming extremely bullish. As a result, analysts note that a rapid price increase towards $ 17,000 is possible.


BTC can see sharp price spike to $ 17,000

Despite the short-term problems, several analysts say that Bitcoin will see a significant price increase in the coming months.


If BTC breaks through the USD 14,000 resistance, hitting USD 17,000 is a realistic scenario.


The coming days should provide insight into whether the resistance that Bitcoin is currently facing can be broken, or whether the price will be rejected again and fall.

In additional news Tom Derks has informed us about the Asset BITCOIN.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the best reserve asset we’ve ever owned and more and more large companies are recognizing that.

Endless money printing and artificially low interest rates make fiat money anything but stable. Over a period of 100 years, it is only natural that your wealth loses 90% of its purchasing power.

This makes bitcoin as a form of money that cannot be printed by anyone extremely interesting for companies with a large reserve. At the time of writing, 3.6% of all bitcoin is already on the balance sheets of some large companies.

Buy 1

Enormous potential for bitcoin as a reserve asset

At the top of the list of companies with bitcoin on the balance sheet are MicroStrategy (38 thousand bitcoin) and Galaxy Digital (16 thousand bitcoin). Although huge amounts are involved, it is a drop in the ocean when we look at the largest companies in the world.

Nine S&P 500 companies sit on a mountain of $ 600 billion in short-term investments and cash alone. If these companies invest only 5% of that amount ($ 30 billion) in bitcoin, the price could easily flip 5 times.

Bitcoin now has a market cap of more than $ 200 billion, but remember there is only a small amount of bitcoin for sale. As soon as they come into the hands of hodlers, the price can go very quickly.

Bitcoin is not among the established order, but the potential is enormous

Most companies still see bitcoin as an alternative investment, but that doesn’t lessen its potential. According to Fidelity, the alternative investment market has grown to $ 13.4 trillion by the end of 2018.

Even if a small part of that money would go towards bitcoin, the price will probably already go through the roof. To understand why bitcoin is so interesting for companies, we need to take a theory by Michael Saylor.

“A great way to evaluate an investment is to take $ 100 million, fast forward 100 years, and ask yourself what would happen. If I had $ 100 million in Fiat money in the year 1900 and stole it with a major bank, I was exposed to two risks; the risk that the bank would fail and inflation. Almost every major bank collapse in a period of 100 years. Combine that with inflation and you have a 90% chance that you will lose everything.

Bitcoin does not have these dangers and that makes the digital currency an interesting alternative to store your assets, says Saylor.

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